Do you have such desire to help others? Are you interested about becoming a life coach? Even if you have the need and the desire, though you have those admirable qualities, these things are not enough to make you good and also qualified being a life coach. You need to be mentored and educated. Not just that, you have to know the cost of the training to become one. Know that such may cost several thousands of dollars that can range from three to six thousand dollars.

When you are like so many people, you may not get your hands on the amount of money at once but this doesn't mean that you should give up thinking to become a life coach. There are various cheap ways in which you can still be a life coach for leadership and organizational development.

You may have the scholarships offered by various institutions which can help you financially. But, you must be able to show them that you really are driven, determined and qualified to succeed in your chosen profession.

A way that you can go for is through the current employer. You can ask if they are providing scholarships or other programs in house that may satisfy your requirements. There are several companies that offer incentives or funding for their workers in order to help with their education, especially if this is one area that would benefit the company such as life coaching.

Another affordable way to get a cheap executive coaching certification training is by looking for a mentor. If you have the needed inclination and motivation, then you may search for one who is working as a life coach who would be happy to take you as well as train you. This isn't a formal schooling but this doesn't mean that this will be of a lower quality. Usually, a person who works full time as a life coach can be a much better teacher or trainer unlike one who stands in the classroom and just teach theory of life coaching.


Surely, it would take some effort for you to look for one who is willing to be your mentor. The first thing that you must show them is such high level of commitment, desire and determination to be a life coach to get their respect. You must sit in some type of formal education to be able to achieve a certification. Know more about life coach at